Happy National Farmers’ Day Ghana!

Banner which reads: Happy Farmers' Ghana! Nourishing growth - The Community Revolution moringa initiative in partnership with The Ghana Permaculture institute. Elevating the agriculture value-chain
Small holder farmers in the field

We want to show our deepest appreciation for the invaluable work that farmers in Ghana do in growing our food, taking care of our land and making our environment sustainable for future generations. Their commitment and hard work keep us alive and help us get ahead.

We join the nation in celebrating National Farmers’ Day 2023.

Moringa initiative

At The Community Revolution, we are committed to helping local farmers and promoting sustainable and regenerative farming initiatives. We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Ghana Permaculture Institute on our Moringa Initiative project

This partnership would help Ghanaian farmers grow moringa for commercial purposes, improve access to global markets, build resource and production capacity for growing and processing moringa, and encourage local consumption of moringa.

We’ll keep backing projects that give farmers more power and encourage sustainable and regenerative farming methods. You can join us to sow the seeds of change through our Moringa Initiative.

How to participate

If you wish to contribute or get involved in the Moringa Initiative or any of our projects through funding or participating as a research volunteer, please reach us at our contact details below. 

Register your interest to participate in our research study by completing our registration form.

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