Digital Marketing and Communications Assistant volunteer role

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About the job We are currently recruiting for a digital marketing and communications assistant to work within the content marketing team of our non-profit social enterprise (NGO). The enterprise offers services (social, digital etc) to local communities and SMEs, particularly those run by, or serving, the following groups: 1. Black ethnic minorities 2. Women 3.… Continue reading Digital Marketing and Communications Assistant volunteer role

Call For Applications: She Sustains Accelerator

Clean Technology Hub (Clean Tech Hub) announces the launch of the SheSustains Accelerator for women-owned businesses across Nigeria. The SheSustains project is an entrepreneurship acceleration program designed to support women-led and women-benefiting climate solutions in global emerging markets. The project is supported by 2X Global Fund. The challenge The challenge of the accelerator programme focuses… Continue reading Call For Applications: She Sustains Accelerator

Accountant volunteer role

Join our admin team as an accountant

About the job We are seeking an accountant/bookkeeper to join the administrative team of a social enterprise dedicated to providing services to local communities and SMEs, with a focus on marginalised groups such as Black ethnic minorities, women, young people (16-24 years old), migrant families, and those facing digital exclusion. The accountant role offers an… Continue reading Accountant volunteer role

The social impact of African SCENe: delivering access to clean energy, digital literacy and life-long learning opportunities to slum communities in Kenya

Solar panels powering community hubs in Kenya, enabling education accessibility and empowerment through sustainable energy solutions

A look at the social impact of the African SCENe community energy hub in Kenyan slums. Solar-powered classrooms facilitating education, digital literacy and life-long learning.

Happy National Farmers’ Day Ghana!

Small holder farmers in the field

We want to show our deepest appreciation for the invaluable work that farmers in Ghana do in growing our food, taking care of our land and making our environment sustainable for future generations. Their commitment and hard work keep us alive and help us get ahead. We join the nation in celebrating National Farmers’ Day… Continue reading Happy National Farmers’ Day Ghana!

Business Administration Assistant role

Focused african american businesswoman working at company financial charts presentation late at night in meeting office room. business administration manager with dark skin checking profit statistics

About the job We are actively seeking a dynamic individual to join our team as a Business administration assistant, contributing to the administrative operations of a vibrant social enterprise. Our enterprise is dedicated to providing services, including social and digital solutions, to local communities and SMEs. Our primary focus is on supporting groups such as… Continue reading Business Administration Assistant role

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Moringa initiative: sustainable agriculture/value-chain development programme in Ghana

Here will go an overview of The Community Revolution moringa initiative developed in partnership with The Ghana Permaculture Institute, a sustainable agriculture community based organisation based in Ghana. The programme includes the following aspects: To find out more reach out to us via out contact form.

Digital copywriter volunteer role

About the role Are you a talented copywriter with a passion for optimising content for search engines? We have an exciting volunteer opportunity for you to work within the digital team of our social enterprise. Our organisation is dedicated to providing valuable services (social, digital, etc.) to local communities and SMEs, with a particular focus… Continue reading Digital copywriter volunteer role