Moringa product giveaway and research study

The Community Revolution has partnered with The Ghana Permaculture Institute to develop an exciting range of new natural moringa-based products. The product range covers hair, skin, food, and nutrition products. To be in with a chance to win products from our range, all you have to do is take part in our product research study.… Continue reading Moringa product giveaway and research study

Data Analyst volunteer role 

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About the job We are currently recruiting for a Data Analyst to work within the service design and business development  teams of a social enterprise; which offers services (social, digital etc) to local communities and SMEs, particularly those run by (or serving) the following groups: We are looking for an individual who is passionate, hands-on… Continue reading Data Analyst volunteer role 

Nutrition Researcher volunteer role

About the role As a Nutrition Researcher, you will play a critical role in designing and conducting research studies related to diet, nutrition, and public health. You will be responsible for various aspects of the research process, including study design, data collection, analysis, and publication of research outputs. We are seeking a passionate individual with… Continue reading Nutrition Researcher volunteer role

Agronomist volunteer role

About the role Are you an Agronomist looking for an exciting volunteer opportunity to make a difference? We are currently seeking a passionate and hands-on individual to join the agriculture team of our social enterprise. Our organisation focuses on providing services to rural communities and SMEs, with a particular emphasis on supporting Black ethnic minorities,… Continue reading Agronomist volunteer role

Digital skills and employability training programme

The Community Revolution is developing a new digital skills and employability programme to help diversify the digital industry. Research study In developing the programme we are conducting a research study; to help identify the challenges people face when breaking into the digital industries. Target groups If you identify as one of the following groups, we… Continue reading Digital skills and employability training programme